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Please accept my sincere condolence. Jehovah God will soon eliminate all grief and provide a permanent consolation when “all those in the memorial tombs hear the voice of his son, Jesus Christ and, come out.” (John 5:28, 29)
Things that I remember: spending Saturdays at your house when I was a kid, going to the Salvation Army to look for bargains, spending time at the cottages, Boston bruins sweaters, listening to you tell me how Nana Adam loved to cheat at cards, you teaching me how to clean when you and aunty Rosie came to our house after my mom, your sister, had her first heart attack, traveling with you and uncle Joe to Florida to see Grampa before he passed when I was in college, genealogy research, looking for ancestors at the cemetery... so many memories, so much time together... I bet you are at this moment, catching my mom up on all she has missed in the last 15 years... Rest In Peace, Aunty Carol.